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We provide authentic, creative listing content as well as agent marketing videos so that you can market your listing and build your brand at the same time.

We understand

Scheduling photos and videos with your seller can be a challenge.

We’re flexible

If needed, we will reschedule and get it done, even if you can’t be there.

We're quick

You’ll get your photos back in less than 24 hours and videos less than 48 hours (business days).

Video Property Tours

Purpose: To capture the high-value features of the real estate displayed in engaging detail.

Did You Know – By adding a video, you stand out and generate additional interest online. 85% of buyers prefer to work with agents who offer video, yet only 15% of agents use video to market their listings according to the 2012 reports from the National Associations of Realtors. 

Check out more videos on our YouTube channel.

Notable features videos include:

About two minutes in length.

Two agent-on-camera clips, if desired.

*One revisions is included – $50 per revision thereafter.

We offer both traditional video tours and agent on-camera tours at no additional cost.

(two agent-on-camera clips included in the price)

Traditional Tour

Agent-On-Camera Tour

Matterport 3D Tours

Purpose: To provide an immersive and detailed experience of the property. 

Did you know: A study of  1,000 U.S. property buyers and 1,000 U.S. property sellers and found that they are no longer satisfied with static photos and would overwhelmingly opt for a more immersive experience. Nearly 80 percent of all respondents would switch to a real estate agent offering immersive 3D tours of listed properties

Floor Plans

Purpose: To provide the relationship between the property size and individual photos for a complete perspective.

Did You Know – Floor plans are the second most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads according to Zillow. Also, a recent study from found that 1 in 10 buyers would never visit a property if they had not seen a floor plan first. 

Virtual Staging

Purpose: Virtual staging can help inspire your buyers, sell your property faster, and get top dollar for your clients.

Did You Know – Eighty-two percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

We can virtually stage any room with a style based on your preference. After we photograph your property, you can either select the room/photo to be virtually staged after you receive the edited photos or we can select this for you for a quicker turnaround. 


Before After


Before After

Living Room

Before After


Before After

Choose the right Services for your real estate listing

*A 25% deposit is required and is non-refundable if cancelation or rescheduling occurs within 48 hours of appointment. A travel fee will be applied for properties more than 30 miles away from Portland 


Our photography service includes aerial, exterior, and interior photographs with a 24 hour turn-around time.

Aerial. Photos from two different elevations and at least 4 angles.

Exterior. Photos from ground level with four-six angles. 

Interior. You will receive three-to-five photos for kitchen, living, and other high-interest areas and one-two photos for non-primary rooms of the house.

Property less than 2,000 sqft

Interior/Exterior $195 | With Aerials $265 

Property > 2,000 < 3,500 sqft

Interior/Exterior $250 | With Aerials $305

Property > 3,500 < 5,000 sqft

Interior/Exterior $295 | With Aerials $355

Property > 5,000 < 6,500 sqft

Interior/Exterior $360 | With Aerials $415

Property > 6,500 sqft Contact Us

Aerials Only | $125

Virtual Twilight Photo | $30



Our videos include two minutes of aerial, exterior, and interior footage hosted on YouTube for easy distribution. 72 hour turn-around time.

In order to keep our video tours to roughly two minutes in length, this may not display every interior and exterior feature in detail. Instead, the goal is to display all high-value features of the property to drive interest for clients to take the next step and contact the agent.

Property less than 2,000 sqft | $325

Property > 2,000 < 3,500 sqft | $375

Property > 3,500 < 5,000 sqft | $425

Property > 5,000 < 6,500 sqft | $465

Property > 6,500 sqft | Contact Us

Virtual staging

We can virtually stage any room with a style based on your preference. 

Per photo | $24


This can be shared with a link, embedded in a website, and linked to the MLS.

Property less than 2,000 sqft | $190

Property > 2,000 < 3,500 sqft | $250

Property > 3,500 sqft < 5,000 sqft | $300

Property > 5,000 < 6,500 sqft | $360

Property > 6,500 sqft | Contact Us

Floor Plans

Our floor plan renderings are created using CubiCasa or Matterport.

Property less than 2,000 sqft | $50

Property > 2,000 < 3,500 sqft | $55

Property > 3,500 < 5,000 sqft | $60

Property > 5,000 < 6,500 sqft | $65

Listing Bundle Discount

Select Photos, Video, and Matterport for:

Less than 2,000 sqft $715  |  > 2,000 sqft < 3,500 sqft $795  |  > 3,500 < 5,000 sqft | $895 |  > 5,000 < 6,500 sqft | $985

Agent Marketing Videos

We help you create content & get in front of the camera.

Purpose: To create authentic, engaging content for real estate agents to share to social media to provide value to their clients and build their brand.

Are you looking for better ways to market yourself as a real estate agent but just don’t have the time, know-how, or resources to do it yourself? Video is the best way to engage with your clients on social media.

We create profile, subject/lifestyle, and client review videos. After this is selected, we provide an outline to assist in creating your content. When it comes time to film, we use this outline to efficiently capture the content we need. Oh, we film reels for Instagram too!

Often, one hour is enough time to film one 2-3 minute video of any style at one location.

Call for Pricing

Profile Video

Subject Video

About Us

We want to be your creative collaborator for listing and branding content.

From the beginning, our vision was to provide all of the services needed for real estate agents and related real estate professionals to market their listing and grow their brand.

As we continue to grow and expand the services we offer, our goal remains the same. 

Our goal is to communicate your story and unique value proposition with the content we create. Whether you are selling a house, building a website, or creating marketing videos, we can help you create authentic content to help market your listing and build your brand.

Meet The Team

David started Structure Media is early 2021. Prior to this, he worked in a variety of roles with the most recent being as an Account Manager at Guideline. His diverse experience and Master’s degree in Business Administration has given him a strong foundation to not only craft effective marketing content but help run a business that delivers a valuable service to the clients he serves. His true passion is to connect with build, help them build their business, and effectively share their story through media.

David lives in Windham with his wife Kayla and daughter Adalinn. | (207) 272-8668

Jacob Sladen joined the Structure Media team in July 2022. Before joining the team, he was building homes and commercial spaces for M.W. Hoss Construction. He has three years of photography experience capturing landscapes, portraits, and events. His love for photography was sparked when his grandfather bought him his first DSLR in 2019. Jacob is excited to be a part of the team and to use his passion for photography and video to serve the great people of Maine.

Jacob lives in Scarborough with his wife Bekah and their baby on the way! For fun, Jacob enjoys playing golf or disc golf, exploring Maine, and trying different coffee shops. | (207) 632-7955

Andrew first fell in love with photography as a toddler. At this young age, he received this great piece of advice from his mother, “Sweetie, please stop taking blurry photos of your eyeball. Although I love them, you are are supposed to look through the back of the camera not the lens.” This advice has forever changed his perspective on photography.

Andrew lives in Portland with his wife, Valerie, and two boys, Colton(3) and Owen(1). He enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors, rock-climbing and golfing. In a recent poll, he was voted in the Top 5 Sexiest Male Employees at Structure Media.

Andrew’s extensive background in videography and education in graphic animation make him a valuable piece of Structure Media’s team and pursuit to elevate their video production. | (207) 544-4633

Gina joined the Structure Media team in the spring of 2023. She has decades of photography experience, in every genre you can imagine. She has worked as a marketing professional and photographer in the Real Estate industry for the last 12 years. Even in her spare time, you will find Gina with a camera in hand.

Gina lives in Biddeford and spends downtime exploring nature—especially near the ocean, volunteering as a bereavement counselor, traveling to new places, painting, cooking, and of course, taking pictures! | (207) 460-5615

Olivia joined the Structure Media team in June 2023. She is a graduate from the University of Maine Orono where she received a bachelors in social services.

Her years of experience working with people in diverse populations and settings. Helping people is her core mission. In 2018, Olivia began to foster a hobby in photography, which centered around capturing landscapes and portraits. Olivia decided to merge personal interests in photography with professional goals in helping others, which led to joining the Structure Media team as a listing coordinator.

Olivia lives in Auburn with her exceptionally big and fluffy golden retriever, Wren. In her spare time, she enjoys long-distance running, golfing and spending time with family. | (207) 808-7711

Sam Woodward brings over seven years of photo, video, and marketing experience to Structure Media, including nearly three years specializing in real estate marketing. Sam’s fascination with photography began in high school, creating experimental long-exposure photographs. Since then, Sam has crafted photographs and marketing content alongside many Maine businesses, including Maine Media Workshops+College, University of Maine, and Keller Williams Maine. 
Sam and his partner Sabrina live in South Portland and enjoy partial custody of beloved family dog “Romeo”. Sam’s favorite hobbies include road and mountain biking, fishing, skiing, year-round hiking, and film photography. | (207) 405-0510